2017 Mitsubishi Lancer Oil Capacity Information

Mitsubishi / 4B / 4B1 / 4B11
Displacement - 2.0L I-4
Power - 152 hp
Torque - 147 lb/ft
Oil Capacity - 4.5 quarts
Oil Viscosity - 0W-20
Oil Drain Plug Torque - 30 lb/ft
Coolant Capacity - 7.4 quarts
Mitsubishi / 4B / 4B1 / 4B12
Displacement - 2.4L I-4
Power - 168 hp
Torque - 171 lb/ft
Oil Capacity - 4.9 quarts
Oil Viscosity - 0W-20
Oil Drain Plug Torque - 30 lb/ft
Coolant Capacity - 7.4 quarts

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- ADVANCED PROTECTION AGAINST the four main causes of engine breakdown: wear friction heat and deposits

- 40% BETTER WEAR PROTECTION vs. industry standard as tested in the Sequence IVB engine test

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- 100% Synthetic lubricant

- Minimizes oil friction for improved fuel economy

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- Ideal replacement - this engine oil drain plug matches the fit and function of the original drain plug

- Durable construction - this replacement drain plug is made of corrosion-resistant materials for reliable service

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- Product Type : Auto Accessory

- Package Dimensions : 8.6"L X 9.6"Wx7.5"H

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- Package Dimensions: 9.652 H x 7.366 L x 7.62 W (centimetres)

- Package Weight: 0.231 kilograms

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- EASY INSTALLATION: Engine oil filter comes with Suregrip non-slip surface making it easy to remove and implement your filter without slippery mess ups. Perfect for the DIYer like yourself, just screw...

- DURABLE DUAL LAYER: Compare to standard oil filters, FRAM Ultra Synthetic provides 99%+ filtration efficiency with pleated media that entraps all kinds of dirt and exhaust for a cleaner output.

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- Has synthetic, wired backed media

- Great for use with fully synthetic motor oils for harsh driving conditions

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Changing oil is an important maintenance task for any Mitsubishi Lancer vehicle. Oil lubricates and cools the engine, increasing performance and extending its life. The 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer oil capacity depends on the specific engine.

However, finding the right oil capacity is only one step of the process. Also pay attention to the recommended oil viscosity and type for your 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer as well as the torque required for the oil drain plug.

Browse the charts to determine how much oil your 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer takes and check other oil related specifications.